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Ontario's Assistive Devices Program (ADP) which is part of Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) provides a Breast Grant of $195.00 towards the purchase of a breast prosthesis every two years for women who are residents of Ontario. Women who have had a bilateral (double) mastectomy are eligible for a Breast Grant of $390.00 every two years towards the purchase of external silicone breast prostheses


Purchases from Breast Shape 360  are eligible for the ADP Breast Prosthesis Grant.  An information sheet  and the application form for the ADP Breast Grant Application can be downloaded here. 

ADP provides the grant after the silicone breast prostheses have been purchased and a copy of the receipt of payment for the prostheses from the vendor with an original signature of the vendor is mailed to ADP along with the completed ADP Breast grant application form. After the request is processed, a cheque for the sum of the grant (which is a reimbursement) is mailed to the home address of the claimant.

We will help you complete the ADP Breast Grant application at the time of your purchase and please call us for more information.


The ADP Breast Grant application can also be found with a Google Search of "ADP Breast Grant + Ontario" which will lead to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) website and a download link.


 Ontario Government Funding 

Many women have extended health care coverage through their employer or have chosen to have a private health insurance policy on their own to supplement what is covered by the government.


Most extended health (private) policies have some coverage for breast prostheses and usually cover a set number of mastectomy bras per year.  The amount a health plan will cover will vary from plan to plan. Insurance companies will reimburse their defined amount minus the amount paid by the ADP Breast Grant.  Some insurance companies will pay Breast Shape 360 directly and some expect the claimant to pay first and submit a receipt. We will help you navigate your coverage and learn the amount you have to spend on a silicone breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras.  Please contact us for more information.


Breast Shape 360 will always provide more value and extra benefits to each women we work with to ensure each women has what they need regardless of their ability to pay.

Private Health Insurance

Outside of Ontario 

Each province in Canada has different coverage for breast prostheses for their provincial residents. Please contact us and we will help clarify your eligibility and any coverage you may receive for products from Breast Shape 360. We are Certified Mastectomy Fitters and our qualifications are usually required for provincial government funding. 

Coverage by extended (private) may also be available for Breast Shape 360 products especially for women who live in rural areas where there no local resources to help them after a post mastectomy.

Call us with your questions and we will help you navigate your funding and find the best products for you that suit your needs.

Some private insurance plans cover a custom-made breast prosthesis even if the provider is located in Ontario and not in the province where the claimant lives because of the specialized skill that is required for a custom-made breast prosthesis. Contact us for more information.

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